An Ideal Self Managed Super Strategy


The Growth Portfolio is an ideal self managed super fund strategy.

The Growth Portfolio captures trends.
The Growth Portfolio is a pure trend following strategy designed to keep you fully invested during bull markets and in cash during prolonged bear markets. Its unique Index Filter ensures that your capital is protected during events such as the Global Financial Crisis.

The Growth Portfolio will keep you out of a falling stock.
Riding the trend is only part of the game. A good defense is equally important – as we saw in 2008 when most fund managers lost between 30% – 50%. In March/April 2011 Matrix (MCE) was valued by some significant analysts anywhere from $11 – $15. Even in May as the stock dipped, many believed a great buying opportunity had been handed to them at a ‘cheaper’ price only to see the stock continue to plunge.
Video – Matrix (MCE)

About the Growth Portfolio:

* Specific buy and sell recommendations
* Less than 10 minutes work per day
* Easy to manage and understand
* Can be used in a SMSF
* Use any broker
* Personally traded by Nick Radge to manage his own SMSF

The Growth Portfolio is an inexpensive way to manage your own portfolio.
At only $880 incl GST per annum the Growth Portfolio is an inexpensive and simple way to manage your own investments. Each weeknight evening you will receive an email advising if any new signals have been triggered. If so, login to The Chartist to view what to buy or sell. We also tell you how to manage your trades.

In the following video Nick Radge walks you through how to manage your Growth Portfolio